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(TRON SYSTEM RECONFIGURED Origin) At the end of Tron Legacy Sam  places Alan as Chairman of ENCOM,  Sam in secret asks Alan for Trusted and very  skilled  Programers and Designers to help with the Grid as well,  Sam now has it in his possession and hopes to one day find his father within it,  (Mean While) in The Grid With Clu having been defeated , the Grid once again becomes a free system and is at unrest.

Without the oppression and resource control imposed by Clu and his forces, conditions are now right ISOs emerge that survived the Purge of the system. The ISOs, unlike programs, have not been written with a specific purpose and function, and must choose their own path. Many paths lie before them...

The Programs of the system, being the common faction, simply wish to exist and fulfill their functions, some exceeding their original programming, others simply being what they were written to be.

The Remaining Military seeks to take over the system by any means necessary, a power vacuum left by Clu in military defeat.  Parts of the Military  still have Sectors under direct control in order to ensure  this mission and regain control to restore the perfect system as well as find a way to carry out his quest to transfer into the world outside the Grid and create the perfect system there as well.

The Viruses in the system, without Clu's forces keeping the system secure, see the opportunity to spread and corrupt the system in whatever way suits their means and ends.

Finally, the Arjians have begone to rebuild  and have form  a faction of programs that follow a pseudo-religious philosophy, seeing the Users as sorts of dietys and view their existence as being for the fulfillment of the will of the Users. They hope that one day they might be granted the gift of emerging from the Grid into the world beyond, the world of the Users.

The Grid has always been dangerous, but with the power and resources of it now free and up for grabs, it is sure to be even more so. Good luck, program.

Get our current combat system in TRON City, the subway, and much more.

Here's how to get started: make a new page, add your program's bio with a picture of your program and info about your program's user, simple as that. Enjoy the in-world game.

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Stronger Grid Bugs have been added to the Outlands. Take the portal in Tron City and test your skills.

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